Elon Musk donates $1 million to help build Nikola Tesla Museum

Elon Musk recently made good on his promise to support the g*dd*n Tesla Museum honoring Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor and physicist whose life inspired the electric car company. The Tesla Motors founder and CEO will donate $1 million towards the construction of the Tesla Science Center in New York and promises to build a Tesla Motors Supercharger in the museum’s ... Read More »

SoundCloud gets Sonos integration, record deals possible

SoundCloud is getting integrated with Sonos music systems, as it reportedly tries to become more than just a place for music you haven’t heard of. The service, which got its start in 2007, allows users to upload their own music and audio recordings. It’s become a way for obscure groups to get their music discovered, for DJs to share remixes, ... Read More »

Our favorite iOS Apps, July edition

As we do every month, Macworld staffers got together to chat about the best apps they’ve been using recently. Here are some that have recently captured our imaginations (and perhaps a spot on our homescreens), whether they’re tiny apps from budding developers or the top-grossing apps that everyone is using. Our hope is that, while you might recognize some of ... Read More »

Missing Pieces: EA says it innovates ‘too much,’ final Halo 3 easter egg found, and other must-know gaming news

It’s time to strap on your digital boxing gloves—Evo, the massive annual fighting game tournament, is this weekend in Vegas. If you’re not going, you can always watch the action on Twitch, or just sit inside and read about this week’s video game news. The last Halo 3 Easter Egg is found, new games were announced by Cliffy B and ... Read More »

Yahoo acquires video streaming startup RayV

Yahoo has acquired online video streaming company RayV with the aim of distributing content to more people, particularly via mobile devices. RayV, founded in 2005, is focused on efficiently distributing HD-quality video to a global audience, with a focus on mobile. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. “Yahoo is focused on growing video users and monthly streams, and while ... Read More »

Protesters briefly disrupt Google I/O, referencing evictions, “robots that kill”

The world of big tech conferences is usually a tightly controlled one, but two protesters managed to briefly—very briefly—get a moment of attention at Google’s I/O conference before being dragged away by security. The brief disruptions took place less than a day after a group of protesters calling themselves “Occupy Google” gathered at the company’s Mountain View headquarters to talk about ... Read More »

Massachusetts high court orders suspect to decrypt his computers

Massachusetts’ top court ruled, in a 5-2 decision on Wednesday, that a criminal suspect can be ordered to decrypt his seized computer. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (MSJC) ruling only applies to the state. Various other courts at the state and federal level have disagreed as to whether being forced to type in a decryption password is a violation of the ... Read More »

KlearGear must pay $306,750 to couple that left negative review

A years-long legal odyssey involving a Utah couple that left a bad review against an online retailer, KlearGear, for an undelivered less-than-$20 order, has finally resulted in monetary damages. On Wednesday, the judge awarded $306,750 in compensatory and punitive damages plus attorneys fees to Jennifer and John Palmer, who wrote their review in 2009. KlearGear lost in a default judgement ... Read More »

LG G Watch will set you back by $229 via the Play Store

Google announced that the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch smartwatches will be going up for pre-order via the Play Store later today, although no official word was mentioned on the price. But LG has now confirmed that its offering will cost $229 when it hits the Play Store on the 7th of July. There’s no word on ... Read More »