Blizzard nixes Titan after almost a decade of effort


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Blizzard has had an MMO game in the works codenamed Titan for years. It became officialabout four years ago, back in 2010, and has been under work ever since, with news about it cropping up every so often. That changes as of this week, with the game officially being scrapped. Last year, ... Read More »

Karma Go makes the transition to nationwide LTE


Karma launched two years ago to revolutionize how you connect to the Internet, but it has unfortunately been held back by a now forgotten wireless technology. That is changing very soon, by December to be exact, as Karma plans to launch the new Karma Go, a hotspot that will connect to LTE instead of WiMAX. Karma had the misfortune to ... Read More »

Samsung Gear S coming to US carriers this Fall


Smartwatch fans in the US that want a little more from their timepieces need not wait much longer. Samsung has just revealed that its latest and more independent Gear S will be heading to all major US carriers this Fall, giving consumers yet another choice for their wearable gadget, and another way to give carriers their money. The Gear S ... Read More »

Canon Maxify printers expand Inkjet lineup


Though busy with cameras lately, Canon has managed expand its Inkject printer product line with a handful of new Maxify printers, all of them aimed at home and business users. There are five models in total, all sporting nearly the same design but bringing their own variety of features to the table. The new printers include the Maxify MB5320, a ... Read More »

DxOMark crowns iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus as camera kings


It’s never just about megapixels. Just days after DxOMark ranked the Sony Xperia Z3, with its 20.7 megapixel sensor and highfalutin camera specs, it has wrested the laurel away and handed it over to theiPhone 6 siblings, giving both an equal score of 82, the highest smartphone to receive that mark to date. Some might belittle the 8 megapixel sensor ... Read More »

Google X’s Sebastian Thrun is no longer vice president


The man behind Google X, the Internet giant’s “secret laboratory” of sorts, has left his roles as Vice President and Fellow. So says Sebastian Thrun’s LinkedIn profile via a change made last month, which lead to confirmation from Google about Thrun’s shift in focus. The news was first reported by TechCrunch, which received word from some anonymous fellow who spotted ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 4 lands in Korea Friday, global launch end of Oct


The Galaxy Note 4 remains out of reach but unsurprisingly it isSamsung’s home court that will get their hands on it first. The Korean manufacturer has just announced that the smartphone will be available for purchase in Korea starting September 26, with the rest of the world to follow next month. The Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s latest phablet, a ... Read More »

Netflix rejects Canadian regulator’s bid for customer data


Netflix has pushed back against a request by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for what it says is confidential information on subscribers, as well as sensitive data of a potentially competitive nature. This follows an order for such data that was made last week by the regulator. The entire matter apparently surfaced amidst a move by the regulator ... Read More »

South Park season 18 starts tonight: Xbox One is ready


Supposing you’re one of the thousands of citizens of the United States of America that forgoes cable TV here in 2014, you might be seeking out an alternate source for South Park tonight – or tomorrow morning. The 18th season of the series premieres this evening, after all. Lucky you, you Xbox One-owning user – the Comedy Central app launches ... Read More »

Virtual Reality art: Tilt Brush expands our horizons


Inside virtual reality you can create whatever you want to see and whatever environment you’d like to exist in. One fabulous example of a creation app that’s ready for testing today on a limited basis with theOculus Rift is “Tilt Brush.” This app allows you to effectively sculpt with paint – flat, yet 3D. The team at VR prototyping agency ... Read More »