LG breaks world record with billboard as long as two football fields


Companies go to great lengths to distinguish themselves among the glut of competitors and advertisements, and LG is no exception. Taking the task seriously, the company recently unveiled its new world record-breaking billboard, which stretches two football fields in length and no doubt glows bright as the moon at night. LG announced its advertisement today, with it being located along ... Read More »

Google to implement encryption by default in Android L


Following Apple’s privacy policy statement yesterday, Google is reported to be coming out with a similar hard-line stance in its nextAndroid release. Devices that will be running the upcoming Android L, sometimes called Android 5.0 or Lemon Meringue Pie, will have their phone’s data encrypted and password-protected by default, which would hinder both authorities and miscreants alike from gathering users’ ... Read More »

Sony SmartEyeglass totes transparent display, looks tacky


It isn’t surprising that Sony, how also specializes in imaging technology, is working on a smartglass, and naturally, it is putting its own twist into it. But while the its SmartEyeglass maybe be one of the few, if not the first, to boast of a transparent lens for displaying information, it may have nothing to brag about in the looks ... Read More »

Notion sensor keeps track of everything in your home


Home automation takes many forms, and they all have the same basic foundation: connectivity extended towards one’s smartphone. With Notion, a new sensor that has seen ample success on Kickstarter, connectivity is its biggest feature. The sensor is small and able to detect a variety of conditions, shuttling the information to one’s smartphone or tablet. Though saying Notion will keep ... Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy coming to PC soon via Steam


It is very rare that Square Enix would bring one of its Final Fantasy titles to the PC, so when it does, there is rejoicing. While Final Fantasy XIII might not be up there in the annals of gaming history (because Final Fantasy VII is already available on the PC anyway), it is notable nonetheless because there are actually three ... Read More »

Oculus VR “Carflip” demo with Unreal Engine 4 hands-on


I’ve changed my mind entirely about virtual reality. The demonstration I saw earlier this month at NVIDIA’s Editors Day made it clear – VR is impressive enough and important enough to make a big impact on the gaming industry. What changed my mind? A demo the team at Epic Games call “Carflip.” Carflip was demonstrated to press and analysts earlier ... Read More »

Chromecast might be your iPhone 6’s best friend


This morning Google updated their standard Google Search app for iPhone, making it more Chromecast friendly than ever before. Inside the Google app, Google Now for personalized TV recommendations appear. You’ll also get traffic information now – but it’s all about Chromecast, really. “What’s on Chromecast?” That’s what iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users will be asking their Google ... Read More »

Google Glass might be arriving in Canada soon


Our Canadians friends could be seeing Google’s wearable arrive in the near future, at least if a card surfacing in a recent pair of Glass is any indication. Nothing firm has been stated, but the card serves as a pretty solid hint that the wearable could finally be making its way north. The hint surfaced via Glass Explorer Brian Buquoi, ... Read More »

Watch the iPhone 6 get smashed in drop tests


It’s the first day the iPhone 6 has been out in the wild, and what do people do? They smash it! They call them “Drop Tests,” aimed in some cases to freak out iPhone fans in line for the device, and in others to actually, truly test the device’s ability to withstand the ground. Disclaimer: Andy Samberg has not yet ... Read More »